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How to use the GSTIN search tool?

  • Single GSTIN search is free to use
  • For bulk search via Excel upload, register to get first 20 checks free
  • Post free trial, extend credits at 0.40 Rs per check
  • Integrate your billing system to Fynamics via API and automate the GSTIN checks
  • Validate 1000s of your customers and vendors instantly to ensure compliance
    • GSTIN
    • Legal Name of the Business
    • Trade Name
    • Constitution of Business
    • Date of Registration
    • Taxpayer Type
    • GSTIN/UIN Status
    • Nature of Business
    • Principal Place Address
    • State
    • Pin code
    • State Jurisdiction Code
    • Centre Jurisdiction code
    • Date of Cancellation
    • Last Updated Date
    • Updated on Fynamics
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FynamicsGST has built this tool to identify the details of a GSTIN quickly
It is free for every one to use. You simply have to enter a GST ID and you will get results instantly.
Yes. Many require bulk Id checks, we recommend you try our free trial and then start signing up for anytime usage.
We charge Rs.0.40 per ID check. Our prepaid wallet has no expiry date and we can get started at a minimum payment of Rs.1000 plus GST
Excel is recommended.
GSTIN, Legal Name of the Business, Trade Name, Constituition of Business, Date of Registration, Taxpayer Type, GSTIN/UIN Status, Nature of Business, Principal Place Address, State, Pin code, State Jurisdiction Code, Centre Jurisdiction code, Date of Cancellation, Last Updated Date, Updated on Fynamics.

Check IRN

Free for everyone! No sign up!

Validate signed JSON using this tool

Decrypts JSON

Realtime data

How does this work?

  • Step 1: Upload JSON from NIC Einvoice portal to validate the QR code and Signed Einvoice details
  • Step 2: Scan the QR code to decrypt the information and to see the Einvoice parameters within it
  • Benefits 2 icons:
Validate the IRN details quickly and accurately
Fynamics is a NIC approved ERP solution provider so you can trust the results

Problems and Solutions

  • What does this solution provide - It allows the recipient of the Einvoice to upload the Einvoice JSON shared by the Supplier or to scan the QR code on the invoice copy to validate the particulars of the Einvoice

Modify GSTR1

Free for everyone!

No sign up!

Instant deletion of data on GSTN (including auto flown records)

Deletion across categories - B2B,EXP,CDNR,HSN

What is the problem?

  • E-Invoice data on NIC auto flows into GSTR1 & GSTN
  • Mismatch errors found
  • Difficult to identify invoices

How do we do it?

We have built an automated feature which you may avail.

  • Download the JSON file format for GSTR1 from the GST portal
  • Upload it to our Fynamics 'Modify GSTR1' link
  • Within seconds, our portal modifies the data to mark all transactions as deleted, and provides a JSON response
  • This modified file can be uploaded back to GST portal so that all records are removed
  • Continue the normal process of filing the GSTR1 with consistent data
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No. You dont need to register with Fynamics. Its free for anyone!
Yes. All section data will be marked as deleted so you can upload that on GSTN to erase the auto flown data.
Across all the levels.
Not yet. We havent got requirements for API. If you have specific requirements, feel free to reach out to us and we'll be happy to explore.
Never. Just take the JSON, login to GSTN from your end and upload all by yourself.

Bulk Taxpayer Return Status Check

Free single GSTIN checks across Financial Years

Filing status of any GST ID in seconds!

Download results in excel format for easy analysis

Individual and bulk check of multiple GSTINs and across multiple return periods

Can integrate with your ERP system for real-time check via APIs

Pricing based only on number of checks

How does this work?

  • Step 1: Upload excel with all your GSTIN details
  • Step 2: Select a timeline, Click submit
  • Step 3: Get filing date & statuses instantly!
    • Verify Vendors filing status
    • 100% Accurate
    • 100% secure
    • Realtime information
    • Validate your vendors
    • Download report in excel
Not required for single checks. Create a free account for bulk checks via API or Excel
Unlimited. Pricing is only based on pay per check
You get GSTIN wise Return period wise, filing status of GSTR1 and 3B
Yes. No limitation on the number of times you can upload to check the filing status of a taxpayer
Knowing the return filing status of your vendors is important to claim the right Input Tax Credit (ITC). Hence, use this solution to easily and constantly track the filing status of your vendors and to quickly follow up with them to ensure they file the returns on time