Supports GSTR1, GSTR1 Amendments, 2A vendor reconciliation, ITC04 and auto populated GSTR 3B.

No reconciliation between 3B and Purchase Register required since 3B is auto derived by FynamicsGST based on Sales and Purchase data

Real-time dashboard report on Tax Payable and ITC eligible post net off

Anytime filing & recon activities possible.

Supports Associate & Supervisor roles for Maker Checker principle

Auto bucketing of data into B2B, B2C, CDNR etc based on AI rule engines. Hence, supports consolidated sales and purchase dump upload across multiple data segments and multiple GSTINs in one go.

Supports instant bulk E-Way Bill generation through a single click

Allows solution extension to external stakeholders like transporters to modify EWBs with complete audit trail to you

Supports all activities of EWB management like Consolidated EWB, Modify Part B, Extend Validity, Update Transporter, Multi Vehicle updation, Cancel EWB etc

Supports EWB Print individually or in bulk in a valid format that can be used for consignment movement

Supports multiple GSTINs in a single login and manages GSTIN wise tokens seamlessly with NIC without having to create GSTIN wise accounts

Supports Associate & Supervisor roles for Maker Checker principle

Supports instant bulk E-Invoice generation on a single click

Provides detailed dashboard and query builder type reports on every possible detail

Built-in intelligence to segregate uploaded data into Success, Errors, Duplicates, Ignored and Deleted

Supports E-Invoice print individually or in bulk in a valid format that can be used with customers

Is integrated with FynamicsGST EWB module for instant EWB management

Supports Associate & Supervisor roles for Maker Checker principle

A collection of Value Added Solutions that are critical to overall tax compliance

Includes EWB by me vs Sales Recon and EWB for me vs Purchase recon to map EWB data with ERP data

Supports RCM Invoicing, Credit Re-Distribution self invoicing in standard or custom formats

Helps pull the EWBs generated by your vendors into FynamicsGST for tracking and analysis purposes

Allows GL to GST recon to reconcile between books of accounts with Sales/Purchase data

Supports Associate & Supervisor roles for Maker Checker principle

Quick and effective tools to support compliance activities

Supports taxpayer check (Check GSTIN) individually or in bulk

Provides Taxpayer Returns Filing status of GSTR1 and GSTR3B for 1 or more return months. Filing status can also be done Individually or in bulk

Data refreshed in real-time with GSTN connectivity to keep it up-to-date

Allows download of output in excel format for anytime consumption

Displays nearly 30 attributes of the taxpayer as received from GSTN For details on add-ons, visit www.FynamicsGST.in/check-gstin


Select Your Plan


Ideal for MSMEs

  • Supports all features of ASP, EWB and E-Invoice including GSTR1, GSTR2A recon, GSTR3B, ITC04 etc
  • Limited to only 1 PAN, 1 GSTIN and 1 Supervisor user across all the modules
  • Supports only JSON output for uploading on GSTN or NIC
  • Uses FynamicsGST standard excel template for data input
Based on Avg Transaction Volume

Ideal for small businesses, CA firms
(Post-paid, fixed monthly)

Everything in BASIC +

  • Allows multiple PANs, multiple GSTINs, multiple Users per role
  • Supports additional roles of associate along with supervisor role
  • Supports API in all modules for instant data push or pull from GSTN or NIC
  • Instant query resolution via email/call
EFY Times
Based on Annual Contract

Ideal for large businesses, group companies, MNCs
(Post-paid, fixed monthly)

Everything in STANDARD +

  • Supports extensive rule building and customization on input formats
  • Allows SFTP/API connectors with any ERP system for any module
  • Provides additional role of Admin & access to VAS modules
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager with escalation matrix for anytime support
Based on Transactions

Ideal for tech enabled businesses
(Pre paid, pay per use - advance billing)

  • Supports Direct connectors with NIC for EWB
  • E-Invoice Instant real-time API request response Fynamics does not store any data. Acts only as a passthrough mechanism Unlimited PANs
  • Unlimited GSTINs


EFY Times
EFY Times

Based on Annual Contract

  • Partner Platform Based on Monthly Transaction Volumes
  • Everything in Enterprise plan
  • Ideal for large consulting/audit firms having multiple large clients
  • Post paid, variable monthly with minimum billing on 1 lac monthly transactions
  • Pre-sales technical support provided. Operational support and client agreements with be with the Partner.


EFY Times


FynamicsGST.in is a GST ASP, E-Way Bill & E-Invoice solution owned and operated by Fynamics Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (a FinTech company and part of Fynamics Group) having expertise in tax technology products with a core team of Chartered Accountants and Finance experts coupled with InfoSec professionals and technocrats.

FynamicsGST is an empanelled Application Service Provider to provide API connectors with GSTN & NIC for push and pull of data. Its a web based application that is Secure, Scalable, Stable & Simple and is used by over 50 leading global enterprises.

FynamicsGST has helped file over 40,000 GST returns and generated over 30,00,000 EWBs. Its built to handle volumes through its state-of-the-art Queueing Architecture and Batch Processes that make GST compliance a breeze.

The other products of Fynamics Group include A Cash Management Application (FynamicsO2C.in), A leading E-Learning Platform (ApnaCourse.com) and an Institution Management Platform (VeriSmart.in)


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