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Simplifying Financial Transactions in GST

Bulk GSTIN Checks
  • Try it for free
  • Real Time data
  • ₹ 0.40 per GST ID
  • No charge you for wrong ID's
  • No expiry date on the prepaid wallet
  • Start with simply ₹1000+18%GST
  • Get results instantly with all required fields
  • 16 required field
How to use the GSTIN search tool?
( Upload XLSX File with first column containing the GSTINs )
Return Filing
Bulk Taxpayer Return Status Checker
  • Free for public! No Sign up required!
  • Filing status of any GST ID in seconds!
  • Claim maximum ITC
  • Individual and bulk check of multiple GSTINs and across multiple return periods
  • Can integrate with your ERP system for real-time check via APIs
  • Pricing based only on number of checks
How does this work?